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Pilot Feature: Lexy Bilsland

Dream of flying deferred, it was time to live it.

Woman becomes licensed pilot in advance of 40th birthday.

Lexy Bilsland felt the urge. She knew pilots personally. Her father-in-law has his license. As does her brother-in-law. A lawyer by training, she didn’t consider herself mechanically inclined or intimate with the laws of aerodynamics. However, the challenge of pilot’s training appealed to her ‘go for it’ nature. As her birthday approached, that appeal was enhanced by the opportunity to share something with her three sons and to set the example of a lifelong learner.


Some friends and family worried that the idea of becoming a pilot was a risk or just a mid-life escapade. “They would sometimes call me if they heard about a plane accident,” she said. Lexy adds, “It’s not a dangerous hobby. It requires study. And it requires financial planning and commitment, but there are lots of resources available if you really want to do it.”

In discussing Terre Haute Regional Airport and her choice to train here, proximity was the first draw. As she began her training, though, other aspects of the airport came into the fore. “It’s a wonderful place to learn,” she said. “It’s well kept. The wide runways…it’s a good place to connect with people more experienced or on the same track. It’s also a good place to study.”

Lexy fell in love with flying on her first flight, so she was thrilled in June of 2016 when she earned her pilot’s license. She has now flown dozens of flights, including a cross-country flight from Washington state, and her friends marvel at their new pilot friend. She absolutely loves getting in the air and hopes her three sons, 13, 11 and 10, will try it out in the future. She says modestly, “even when you’re not in the plane, your eyes have been opened to all the beautiful scenery around you.”