Unmanned systems are a leading edge technology showing itself to be an increasingly significant segment of the aviation industry. It represents new and expanding opportunities in the civilian, government, and military job markets. Indiana State is one of the first universities to offer unmanned systems degree programs. ISU’s program has been recognized among the nation’s best by Industry publications.

Capabilities in unmanned systems provide new methods to address problems such as disaster response, crisis management, crop yield improvement, construction, and generally repetitive, dirty, or dangerous missions. The most important component in any unmanned system is the human element. The industry term is “unmanned”, but the systems are completely dependent upon humans. ISU students learn to operate, maintain, and support the vehicles, communications networks, computer systems, and other infrastructure elements in support of unmanned systems operations, research, testing, and development.

"Unmanned systems students prepare to fly an airplane at the RC field outside of Terre Haute"

Indiana State University Flight Academy

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