October 24 2016 0comment

Indiana State Hosts NIFA Event at Terre Haute Regional Airport


Event brings best and brightest to Hulman Field for competition

This month, Indiana State University will host the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s Region 8 SAFECON competition. The competition takes place the 24th through the 29th of October. It pits the flight students of five Midwest schools against each other in drills that test their knowledge, skill and accuracy in a series of ground and flight events. The invite is one of 9 regional competitions occurring around the country.

The schools participating in this year’s competition include Indiana State, Purdue, Lewis(IL), Quincy(IL) and Southern Illinois. With about 20-25 members on each team, the schools will likely each bring 4 to 6 aircraft to Hulman Field. Kevin Donnar, Chief Flight Instructor at Indiana State, notes that it is a closed competition with no spectators. He says, “This event is about focused competition. Impartial judges are present and there is cooperative learning, testing the students and giving them a sense of being live and on the spot. Winning it all is a prestigious thing.”

The Ground Events

  • Aircraft recognition – knowing makes, models, years and other specifications.
  • Simulator
  • SCAN – story problems testing knowledge ranging from regulations to scenarios.
  • Computer Accuracy
  • Pre-flight – debugging an aircraft before flight.

The Flight Events

  • Landing, both Power On and Power Off.
  • Navigation, both Short and Cross-Country.
  • Message Drop, a test of accuracy and timing.

The event is not only a great exercise and test for the students, but also a chance for them to network. The networking extends beyond students meeting team members from other schools to include executives and pilots from a good number of regional airlines. Cookouts and a Saturday night banquet are included in the event. Donnar states the benefits aren’t hard to see. “NIFA participants are highly regarded. If that’s something that’s on your resume, you’ll likely be placed at the top of the interview pile.”

For more about the Indiana State University Flight School, you can visit their page within our site, here.