February 02 2017 0comment

Aviation Legislation Pending in Indiana

Aviation Action in the Indiana House and Senate

Of potential interest to our readers are a handful of proposals first read in early January and now moving through to committees in the upcoming legislative sessions in Indianapolis. House Bill 1165, House Bill 1280 and Senate Bill 299 deserve attention from regional airports and connected stakeholders. HB1165 proposes restrictions on unmanned aerial vehicles relative to how close they can fly to critical infrastructure facilities. HB 1280 proposes that tax revenue attributable to aircraft sales and aviation fuel excise revenue should be deposited in the airport development fund. SB 299, which is broader in scope, amends the definition of “unmanned aerial vehicle” and creates new criminal offenses primarily directed at the areas of personal privacy, voyeurism and harassment from the sky. If you wish to contact your house or senate representatives about pending legislation, you can find their contact information here.