April 26 2017 0comment

Aviation Indiana Holds Quarterly Meeting at THRA

Visiting members, a mix of enthusiasts, engineers, pilots and municipal airport staff, were treated to breakfast-hour social time and a tour of the Indiana State Flight Academy. Terre Haute Chamber President, David Haines gave a few remarks of welcome, followed by an address from THRA Executive Director, Jeff Hauser. Mr. Haines stressed the importance of THRA as an important economic driver for the region and Mr. Hauser underlined that point with a few remarks on the airport’s recent renovations, its status as a TIFF district and efforts to expand the West Quadrant of the airport grounds.

Aviation Indiana, an advocacy and legislative lobby group for airports statewide, held its quarterly meeting at Terre Haute Regional Airport on Wednesday, April 20th. The event allows Aviation Indiana to update members on legislation and the work being done at the statehouse on their behalf. And it allows members to network and learn. In this case, it also afforded Terre Haute Regional to show off its airport and share lessons learned from the past few years.

A special guest of the event was Jim Graham, the “Shortest Pilot in the Navy.” Chris Colbert of the 181st Intelligence Wing gave a briefing, board member Richard Baker of Indiana State University spoke about unmanned systems and fielded questions from an engaged audience, and Major John Petrowski led a fantastic tour of the Air National Guard and 181st Intelligence Wing facilities on the east edge of THRA property.