Local Infrastructure

  • Centered in America’s industrial, distribution and transportation heartland.
  • Located in West Central Indiana is at the Crossroads of America.
  • Serviced with Class l Rail service provided by CSX Transportation and Indiana Rail Road Company.
  • Approximately 120 miles from each of the three ports that serve Indiana.

Indiana Infrastructure

  • 42 freight railroads – 3rd in U.S. for total freight railroads
  • 14 interstates – 1st in U.S. for interstate highway access
  • 3 ports – only statewide port system providing international connection via the Great Lakes and Ohio-Mississippi river systems – 6th in domestic waterborne shipping

Superior Location

  • Located in West Central Indiana the Terre Haute Regional Airport offers an excellent location for existing and start-up companies.
  • Easy access to interstates and highways The Airport is situated four miles from Interstate 70 (east/west) and five miles from US Highway 41 (north/south).
  • UPS and Fed-Ex shipping facilities located within four miles
  • Terre Haute is within 1,000 miles of 75% of the U.S. population

Close proximity to:

  • NSWC Crane
  • Muscatatuck Urban Training Center*
  • Camp Atterbury*
  • *Includes restricted airspace

Distance to Major Markets

  • Indianapolis: 70 miles
  • St. Louis: 175 miles
  • Chicago: 180 miles
  • Louisville: 180 miles
  • Cincinnati: 180 miles
  • Nashville: 265 miles
  • Detroit: 360 miles

Our unique location provides an overall temperate climate with 220 days of sunshine and average temperature highs of 62oF and lows of 43oF, and an annual average precipitation of 40 inches. The Airport has on-site Automated Surface Observing Station (ASOS).