• Building 20: Hoosier Aviation

  • Building 4: Hoosier Aviation

  • Building 17: Private Hangar

  • Building 6: Turbines, Inc.

    A longstanding Airport tenant Turbines, INC is a premier turbine engine overhaul facility.  They specialize in agriculture and also service corporate and charter aircraft.

  • Building 3: IU Health Lifeline

    IU Health Lifeline operates from their hangar 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  They provide lifesaving services from their home at THRA.  In 2015 they went on 355 flights and 43 ground calls.

  • Building 5: Williams Aviation, LLC.

    Williams Aviation is the resident A&P shop for the THRA.  They also provide service to the I.S.U. Flight Academy fleet.  Williams can perform anything from annual inspections to corrective maintenance.

  • Building 2: Stark Industries

    Stark Industries began as JWS Machine in 1993 and moved to the Aerotech Park in 2013.  They are a high-technology company that specializes in precision CNC machining of critical components.

  • Building 14: S&T Fulfillment

    Founded in 2007 S&T Fulfillment is a full service custom packaging and warehouse provider for various industries.  They became a full-time tenant at the Aerotech park in 2014.

  • Building 7: ICTT System Sciences

    Founded in 1983 at Rose Hulman, ICTT specializes in solving the Complex Systems Problems of major enterprises, institutions, and industries.  They have been a tenant of the Aerotech park since 2011.

  • Building 12: ISU Flight Academy

    The ISU Flight Academy is a staple at THRA offering flight training to ISU students. They moved to the airport in 2013, and continue to develop future pilots.