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Aviation Indiana Holds Quarterly Meeting at THRA

Visiting members, a mix of enthusiasts, engineers, pilots and municipal airport staff, were treated to breakfast-hour social time and a tour of the Indiana State Flight Academy. Terre Haute Chamber President, David Haines gave a few remarks of welcome, followed by an address from THRA Executive Director, Jeff Hauser. Mr. Haines stressed the importance of [...]

The Shortest Pilot in the Navy

Indiana native, Jim Graham, came to Terre Haute to speak to the crowd at the Aviation Indiana quarterly meeting. A sparkling storyteller, Mr. Graham self-deprecatingly refers to himself as the “Shortest Pilot in the Navy” – both as a way of introduction and as a hint at one of his best stories. His talk and [...]

Aviation Legislation Pending in Indiana

Aviation Action in the Indiana House and Senate Of potential interest to our readers are a handful of proposals first read in early January and now moving through to committees in the upcoming legislative sessions in Indianapolis. House Bill 1165, House Bill 1280 and Senate Bill 299 deserve attention from regional airports and connected stakeholders. […]

Regulations in Place, Commercial Drone Growth Set to Soar

Analysts see trend toward massive growth fueled by multiple industries. New regulations have made a significant impact on drone usage in the US. The specter of forthcoming rules had put a mild damper on enthusiasm for commercial use. Now that regulations are in place, business and consumers are able to act. And they are. Unmanned activity […]

Year In Review

Terre Haute Regional Airport Renews Commitment to Region Terre Haute Regional Airport will look back on 2016 with fondness. Yes, that’s right – in case you missed it – the new name of Terre Haute’s Airport is Terre Haute Regional Airport. That new name reflects a renewed focus, investment and commitment to the Wabash Valley [...]

Airport Terminology Explained

Reader, you are cleared for takeoff Airport Terminology – beyond what you hear in a movie.  “You can be my wingman anytime.” This is a quote you might hear in a 30-year old movie about some cocky fictional flyboys. You might not hear this around a regional airport, but spend enough time on our website […]

Midwest Collegiate Flyers gather at Terre Haute Regional Airport

BEST AND BRIGHTEST TO HULMAN FIELD FOR COMPETITION This past October, Indiana State University hosted the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s Region 8 SAFECON competition at Terre Haute Regional Airport. The competition pitted the flight students of five Midwest schools against each other in drills that test their knowledge, skill and accuracy in a series of […]

Indiana State Hosts NIFA Event at Terre Haute Regional Airport

Event brings best and brightest to Hulman Field for competition This month, Indiana State University will host the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s Region 8 SAFECON competition. The competition takes place the 24th through the 29th of October. It pits the flight students of five Midwest schools against each other in drills that test their knowledge, […]

Pilot Feature: Lexy Bilsland

Dream of flying deferred, it was time to live it. Woman becomes licensed pilot in advance of 40th birthday. Lexy Bilsland felt the urge. She knew pilots personally. Her father-in-law has his license. As does her brother-in-law. A lawyer by training, she didn’t consider herself mechanically inclined or intimate with the laws of aerodynamics. However, […]